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Administrative Staff Directory

Babette Wofter, Director,, 740.349.5503

Laura Appleman, Head of Community Engagement,, 740.349.5523

Mandie Burns, Head of Childrens Services, , 740.349.5551

Amy Gantt, Head of Teen Services,, 740.349.5552

Tracy Groves, Administrative Assistant & Volunteer Coordinator,, 740.349.5502

Mary Harmon, Head of Adult Services,, 740.349.5521

Deb Holman, Head of Branch Services,, 740.344.2155

Brock Hutchison, Head of Mobile Services,, 740.349.5562

Sandra Lodge, Fiscal Officer,, 740.349.5505

Shirley Smith, Technical Services Supervisor,, 740.349.5530

Doug Stout, Head of Circulation,, 740.349.5571

Bill Whipkey, Building Services Supervisor,, 740.349.5515

Tracey Wolfle, Human Resources Manager,, 740.349.5501