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Seed Starting

Are you itching to start planting your garden?  Haven't ordered your seeds yet?  The Library is here to help! Check out seeds from our Seed, Sprout, and Share Library.

How does the Seed Library work?  
Browse the selection, check out up to 25 packets per week, plant them, harvest the produce, save the seeds, and bring them back to the Library at the end of the growing season.  Seed, Sprout, and Share Library logo

Why grow from seeds? 
Starting seeds early can give you a jumpstart on your garden this spring.  Your seedlings will cost much less than a tomato plant grown in a nursery.  Additionally, growing from seeds allows you to grow varieties of plants not commonly found in nurseries.  Our Seed Library is full of wonderful heirloom plants.  

How do I start seeds indoors?
You will need a soil mix, growing containers, moisture, light, and good temperatures.  Some people start seeds in a hotbed or cold frame.  If you don't have one of these, a bright, sunny window will work.  You can also suspend 2, 40-watt cool fluorescent lights 6 inches above the plants.  Make sure to move these lights up as your seedlings begin to grow.  

Make sure that your container is at least 2 inches deep and has drainage at the bottom.  You should fill your containers about 2/3 full with your soil mix. Make sure to keep the seeds and seedlings moist.     

When your seedlings reach 2-4 inches tall, you can start hardening them off or get them ready for transplanting outside.  Hardening off usually takes approximately 2 weeks to gradually expose the plants to more direct sunlight each day.    

Need more help? 
Check out our event calendar for gardening programs at our different locations, email with questions, or call the Licking County Master Gardener Volunteer Horticulture Hotline at 740-670-5322.