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Save Your Seeds!

Saving seeds can be very easy and saves money. Repeated seed saving from the same plants each year will give you plants that have adapted to our environment and grow healthier. Don't forget, anything you can't use can be donated to the LCL Seed, Sprout and Share Seed Library!

Some vegetable and fruit plants that have easy to save seeds are peppers, beans, tomatoes, peas, cantaloupe, and watermelon.

To save pepper seeds, remove seeds from a ripe (red, yellow or orange) pepper, set on a plate and let dry. Place seeds in a paper envelope or paper bag.

Tomato, watermelon, and cantaloupe need to have the pulp removed by the fermentation method. Squeeze the tomato seeds or place the melon seeds in a cup or jar of water. Let jar sit in a warm place for 3- 5 days stirring daily. Rinse seeds and let dry. Place in a paper bag or envelope.