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Library Lovers' Month

Learn more information about library Lovers Month.The entire month of February is dedicated to the people who love whole buildings devoted to the reading, housing, organizing, categorizing, finding, studying, and otherwise loving books. It’s National Library Lover’s Month!

Libraries provide so much more than a place for us to enjoy great novels or to discover amazing adventures and untold history. Yes, they help us ace our research papers and provide a quiet space to study, but they do so much more.

For preschoolers, libraries entertain them with theater and hands-on activities that expose them to music, art, and their first friendships. Many communities rely on their libraries for meeting space for public forums, socials, fundraisers, and classes.

Libraries lend not only books but also music and movies. Rotating art displays give local artists exposure to the community. Larger libraries provide preservation services, preserving some of the most treasured books, periodicals, and documents for future generations.

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