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Library Cards

A customer must be registered with Licking County Library (LCL) or another SEO Library to be able to borrow materials. After the registration form is completed, a card will be issued and may be used to borrow materials from any LCL location.

  • First time library users will be issued a restricted card that will limit their transactions for 90 days.
  • There is no charge for the first library card issued to a customer who is a resident of Ohio.
  • A non-refundable $10.00 fee will be charged for a non-resident of Ohio to get a card.
  • A non-refundable replacement fee will be charged for each library card issued subsequently.
  • It is the customer’s responsibility to notify the Library immediately if their library card is lost or stolen so it cannot be used by anyone who happens to find it.
  • In all cases, the library card is the property of the Library and must be returned if the Library requests it.
  • The Library will purge inactive library cards after three years.
  • Library staff will check with all borrowers annually to verify that their information is up-to-date and correct. It is the customer’s responsibility to notify the Library promptly of any change of address.

Acceptable Form of Identification

At the time of application, the Library requires an acceptable form of identification be presented by every adult applicant and by every adult who is responsible for a Juvenile applicant.

  • Acceptable forms of identification include a driver’s license, state ID card, or any picture ID. 
  • A picture I.D. may be used to register a patron even if it does not have their current address, if you are sure the I.D. belongs to this person, i.e. they look like the picture.
  • If one of these is not available, the Adult must provide two (2) forms of identification that show the same current street address. (Checkbook, Utility bill, lease, car registration, etc.)
  • If the ID does not have proof of age on it and it is not obvious that the applicant is age 18 or older, they must furnish proof of age before a card can be issued.

The Library reserves the right not to issue a library card to any applicant who cannot provide an acceptable form of identification and to restrict the borrowing privileges of any person who has overdue materials and/or accumulated fines and charges.

Customers without a permanent address

The library cannot issue a card to a resident staying in a temporary shelter since we have no way to contact them after they leave the shelter.

Teacher Cards

Educators (e.g. daycare providers, homeschool instructors, and school teachers at all grade levels) are now able to register for a teacher card. Teacher cards automatically grant the user a longer loan period for all books loaned on that card.  For more information, please call 740-349-5500.

Loan Periods
28 days - all items except entertainment DVD’s and hot picks
14 days -Hot Pick Books
7 days - entertainment DVD’s
7 days - Hot Picks
7 days - Video Games
Overdue Fines
$.10 per day - all items except DVD’s & Video Games
$.50 per day - DVD’s and Video Games
$5.00 per item - maximum fine
Other fees may apply.
Fines can be paid by cash, credit card, and check in-person and by credit card online.  
Library materials can be returned at any Licking County Library location. Each Library features a 24-hour book return.
Most items can be renewed four times for the same length of time as the original loan period.
HOT PICKS cannot be renewed.
Library customers can renew items in person, by telephone 740.349.5555 or online.