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Featured Research Tools: Explora, Ebsco, World Book Online

September: Back to School Resources

Use our Back to School Resources to get started on your next research project.

What is Explora? Explora is a tool for students of all ages to begin and conduct research for a variety of subjects. Access books, journals, videos, magazines, popular topics, and more for student research and classroom instruction.

What is Worldbook? Worldbook is a resource with reference tools like encyclopedias, atlases, and dictionaries. It also has homework help, study aids, and curriculum guides in both English and Spanish.

Find both Explora and Worldbook on our website. Just click Research and Homework Help and then Research Tools. Explora and Worldbook, along with many other great resources, will be available here.

What is EBSCO Discovery Service? EBSCO Discovery Service is a great new tool that helps you search for articles and journals alongside books and other materials right in our catalog! On our website, simply type in your search terms in the “Search the Catalog” box in the upper right-hand corner. When your results come up, click the Articles & Journals tab to find instant results. Click the title of each result to find more information about each article.