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Featured Research Tool: ArtistWorks for Libraries

To get to the research tool, visit our website and click Research and Homework Help. Click here for more information on this months featured database: ArtistWorks.Then, click Research Tools. ArtistWorks, along with many other great resources, will be available here.

What is ArtistWorks?

Users can watch self-paced video lessons on how to play musical instruments or on artistic instruction. All skill sets from beginners to intermediate can utilize this. There is no limit on the number of classes you can view, simply create an account and it will keep track of where you are.

 Who do I tell about ArtistWorks?

-Anyone interested in our instrument lending or paint nights
-Anyone looking at music or art instruction books
-Music or art students
-Parents looking for free instruction in the arts for their children. This resource is great for all ages!