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Administrative Staff Directory

Babette Wofter, Director,, 740.349.5503

Mandie Burns, Head of Childrens Services, , 740.349.5551

Amy Gantt, Head of Teen Services,, 740.349.5552

Tracy Groves, Administrative Assistant & Volunteer Coordinator,, 740.349.5502

Mary Harmon, Head of Adult Services,, 740.349.5521

Deb Holman, Head of Branch Services,, 740.344.2155

Brock Hutchison, Head of Outreach Services,, 740.349.5562

Anne Kennedy, Head of Emerging Technologies & Digital Content,, 740.349.5523

Sandra Lodge, Fiscal Officer,, 740.349.5505

Shirley Smith, Technical Services Supervisor,, 740.349.5530

Doug Stout, Head of Circulation & Building Services,, 740.349.5571

Tracey Wolfle, Human Resources Manager,, 740.349.5501