Places in Licking County

The Wehrle Stove Co.

Historical picture of Wherle Works and the canal in Newark, OHCompiled from various sources at the Licking County Library, Newark, Ohio, March 2002 [See sources below]

The Wehrle Stove Company was at one time the largest industry in Licking County. In fact, one historian has called it the largest industry in the world. It employed up to 3000 workers and produced sixty-five styles of stoves in three sizes. It cranked out between 900-1400 stoves per day. The company also manufactured other kitchen utensils and eighteen models of fire-proof office safes.

The company was founded in 1883 by immigrant, J. C. Wehrle and John Moser. It acquired the Atlas Safe Company of Fostoria, Ohio in 1904 and moved that operation to Newark, Ohio. It changed its name to Newark Stove Company in 1939 and was purchased by Sears in 1944. Sears sold it to Roper Corp. in 1964, and Roper closed its doors in 1975.

The Licking County Library has some information on the company from printed sources [below], but no specifics on their products. Additional information may be found at:

The Works
55 South 1st Street
Newark, OH 43055

The Licking County Historical Society
6 North 6th Street
Newark, OH 43055


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